Jumat, Februari 19, 2010

Sex, Religion, Mortality

More than three decades ago, psychologist Paul D. Cameron conducted a survey on how often the average person thinks about three of the most inscrutable phenomena in human experience: sex, religion, and death.

He polled 3,416 people at the University of Louisville asking them what they were thinking about in the preceding five minutes.

His results?

  • Young adults, age 18 to 25, think about sex at least once in any 10-minute period; middle-aged people, at least every 35 minutes; and people over 65, once an hour.
  • Young adults think about religion once every 25 minutes; middle-aged people, once every 15 minutes; older people, every 10 minutes.
  • Young people think about death every 25 minutes; old people every 15 minutes.

Though the figures may have shifted a tad in the intervening years, the basic fact remains, today and every day, that we humans are irrepressibly given to wrestling with the understanding of our sexuality, religion, and mortality, at both conscious and unconscious levels. What about you?

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